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   What you can expect from a typical comprehensive eye examination at Mountain Vista Eyecare:


1.       Check in- You will be greeted by one of our helpful friendly patient care coordinators (Norine, Renee, Germaine, Tamara or Ashley).   They will get you checked in and see if you are familiar with the Digital Retinal Imaging and the Neurological Assessment Visual Fields screening; these procedures allow the doctors a more thorough view of the internal structure of your eye.   Once finished scanning any insurance cards, they will let the optometric technicians know you are ready to start your exam.  You MIGHT have time to pour yourself a cup of fresh coffee before being called by one of our optometric technicians to begin your examination.


2.      Pre Testing-  One of our team of well trained optometric  technicians (Barb, Lisa, Joanne, Krystal, Courtney, Lindsay, Cydney or Taylor) will start your exam by checking your visual acuity, blood pressure,  the pressure inside your eye, obtaining your family and medical history and a number of other assessments which are part of a comprehensive eye exam.  The doctor will interpret your results and review the findings with you, but feel free to ask the technician any question you might have.


3.      Examination with the Doctor- Our highly  accomplished  doctors will perform a thorough yet timely exam. You will work with either Dr. Loomis, Dr. Yount, Dr. DeRose, Dr. Kruchen or Dr. Place.  Your doctor will perform appropriate testing relevant to your specific needs and based upon the results of the pretesting already accomplished.  Most patients receive dilating eye drops so the doctor can better visualize the inside of your eyes.  Usually a refraction is done to assess the need for vision correction with either glasses or contact lenses and of course the doctor will instruct and guide you on the best ways to take care of your eyes and visual needs based upon the results of your examination.  All of our doctors are very approachable and more than happy to answer your questions, so please don't hesitate to ask them.  You may even want to write down your questions before you come in so you don't forget one.  In fact, there is often a technician in the room assisting the doctor and taking notes in our Electronic Medical Record system so that the Doctor can focus his or her attention entirely on you and your questions.  YOU are the most important person in the room, and we never forget that.


4.      Checking out and Optical- Your visit ends with checking out with one of many qualified Opticians. You will work with Mindy, Todd, Judy, Patrick, Tony, Alexis, Holly, Jamie or Ashley.  Our opticians will assist you in ordering the best glasses for you, settling balances and any contact lens needs.  For our patients who need or want to update their glasses, our opticians are an excellent source of information to help educate you on new technology advancements in lens designs and will always guide you well so that you have the best lens to suit your specific needs.  Our optical also is without a doubt one of the best places in Colorado for obtaining that updated look we all want from time to time.  Our optical carries all of the major fashion lines in eyewear so that you not only see well, you'll look good!